Coffee Bar Inspiration: 6 Styling Tips for Your Space

Coffee Bar Inspiration

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Coffee has evolved past a morning routine. It is a passion, an inspiration, and a lifestyle. No matter how you prefer your cup of joe, it is easy to appreciate the warm allure of coffee culture. Now, its charisma has escaped from hipster coffee shops and made its way into homes and businesses. Get cozy, grab a notepad, and check out these six ways we’ve brewed up to style your space from coffee bar inspirations.

1. Use Natural Elements

Take advantage of Mother Earth’s gifts and use the beauty of nature to give your space a natural vibe. Wood will give you the classic coffee bar style you need. Really give it a natural look by sticking some plants in there too. Just make sure you choose the right plants for your light conditions!

2. Use Every Single Inch

Don’t shy away from creating a coffee bar if you only have a small nook to work with. Coffee bars are traditionally small spaces, but they make do with what they have. Use shelving, hanging racks, and storage containers to keep your place organized and efficient.

3. Make It Cozy

If you had to describe coffee bars in one word, it would be cozy. Throw down a rug, grab some cushioned chairs, set up some fairy lights, and sip your espresso. Make your space comfortable and stay a while.

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4. Show Off Your Equipment

If you want a coffee bar in your space, you must be a die-hard coffee lover – which means you’ll want to show off your bar, flex your barista skills, and share the superb taste of your hand-selected beans. Coffee bars are an investment; look for authentic equipment that is high-quality, long-lasting, and pleasing to your eye. If you are into a modern style, choose simple, sleek appliances that fit your setup, like chrome or white for a clean look. If you are following a retro style, choose bolder, vintage-inspired appliances in reds, baby blues, or yellows. Then, display your decorative equipment proudly.

5. Use Color to Create the Right Vibe

Psychologically, colors have a huge influence on a room. A coffee bar is not just your space to make outstanding coffee; you’ll most likely want to lounge as you sip your java. Warm tones, like orange, make your area feel spacious and spark creativity — perfect for corner coffee bar arrangements. Brown shades add elegance and contribute to a “home-y” atmosphere, which makes the room inviting. If you are bold enough, adding black accents can give your space a sophisticated, chic vibe. Make your coffee bar space your little sanctuary.

6. Artistic Charm

This is a step that will make your coffee bar come to life. Whether it is through paintings or funky accents, you are adding a unique spin to your special place. For a dark academia aesthetic, choose thoughtful art in deep, rich color palettes. For midcentury modern, choose art with bright colors and abstract shapes. For neo-vintage décor, add neon signs to give your coffee bar an art deco flair. Custom neon signs allow you the creative freedom to decorate your space with neon that features whatever you want.

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When it comes to neon styling, Radikal Neon® has been blazing trails since 2013, focusing on making high-quality neon signs that are completely custom. These innovative pieces of art use LED lights instead of gas and durable PVC piping instead of glass, which could easily shatter and release potentially harmful gasses. It’s an eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and safer alternative to traditional neon without compromising on the iconic aesthetic.

The opportunities for your coffee bar are endless. By incorporating all of these tips, you’ll have a cozy and functional coffee bar where you can make your morning (and, let’s be honest, afternoon) brews. Enjoy!

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