Should You Invest In A Swimming Pool Storage Bench?

Swimming Pool Storage Bench

If you have a fibreglass pool at home, then you may have been considering getting a storage bench for it. Maybe you could be looking for some storage space for your pool equipment, or you could even use it as a seating space. Keep your pool area tidy by hiding all your pool accessories in a conveniently placed storage bench.

What’s great about swimming pool storage benches is that they can be made to look aesthetically pleasing, eliminating any fear that it’ll look horrible in your backyard. A swimming pool storage bench can be particularly useful if you don’t have a shed in your backyard. Have you been wondering where you should keep your pool accessories? Are you tired of lugging the pool chemicals in and out of your home every time you need to use them? Get a swimming pool storage bench, and you’ll have a nifty place where you can store everything pool related.

What Is A Swimming Pool Storage Bench?

A swimming pool storage bench is essentially a box-like seating space, often rectangular in shape, that comes with compartments for storage. You can have your storage bench attached to the side of your pool. That way, people using your pool can choose to sit on the storage bench, if they feel like it. Usually, the top of the storage bench is slightly elevated from the surface of the water. This prevents water from getting into the storage bench and getting the items inside it wet.

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You can also choose to have an outdoor storage bench installed, next to your pool. It’s also not uncommon for people to add a swimming pool storage bench near their spa or lounge area, in the pool. Say you have a cozy nook in your pool where people can gather to socialize. Then you can keep food and drinks on top of the storage bench as well.

A swimming pool storage bench is more than just another seating space for your pool. They add to your pool decor and can be used to store various pool items as well. Keep the area around your pool decluttered with the help of a swimming pool storage bench.

The Benefits Of Swimming Pool Storage Benches

There are several reasons why you should invest in a swimming pool storage bench. They include:

1. Extra Storage Space

If you want a storage option for your fibreglass pools melbourne that’s aesthetically pleasing as well, then swimming pool storage benches can be perfect for you. Keep everything from your pool chemicals to your pool toys safely stored in your swimming pool storage bench. Note that if your storage bench is submerged, then it won’t work as a good place for storing anything.

This is why you should ensure that the pool storage bench is installed such that water doesn’t reach it. The storage bench itself is designed to be waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the items that you keep inside it.

2. Add A Portable Seating Space

The storage bench doesn’t always have to be installed into the swimming pool floor or walls. You can even have portable storage benches as well, that you can move around from one spot to the next. That way, anytime someone wants a seating space near your pool, they’ll have a portable bench ready for them.

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The storage bench can also be an area that people sit on top of, to relax, and sink their toes into the pool. Swimming pool storage benches can be made to be lightweight. You can find plastic options as well. Even if you opt for a more durable option, like a metal storage bench, two people should still be able to move it around the pool area.

3. Safety Features Come Installed

Since your swimming pool storage bench will be by the pool, left out in the open at all times, you could be wondering how safe it actually is. Won’t people try to steal things from your storage bench? You don’t want to have your pool toys or other accessories stolen after all.

Swimming pool storage benches are designed while keeping in mind the need to protect the contents inside. Usually, pool storage benches will come with either padlocks or locks that are inbuilt. You can add additional locks to your storage bench as well, to add more security.

4. Low Maintenance

You also don’t have to worry about spending time and money on maintaining your pool storage bench. Built to be durable and strong, your pool storage bench should be fine even if someone accidentally kicks it. You won’t have to worry about dents or scuff marks.

You do have to regularly clean your storage bench since it will be placed outside. Using a solution of water as well as a mild detergent, to wipe down the storage bench is enough to keep it clean. Your swimming pool storage bench should also have a smooth surface, which allows you to get rid of stains without needing to put in too much elbow grease.

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5. Budget Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of swimming pool benches is that they can be found at varying price points. If your budget is a concern, then you should be able to find a pool storage bench that fits your needs as well. The price of the pool storage bench will depend on what material they are made of.

You can even find plastic pool storage benches, which are much cheaper than metal or hardier varieties, to place by your pool. But consider investing a little more money in a quality swimming pool storage bench, so it stays with you for years.


Getting a swimming pool storage bench for your fibreglass pool can be a great idea. You’ll be able to add not just extra seating space, but also extra storage space by your pool. You’ll also be able to find a place to keep all the pool essentials, such as pool toys and pool floats, right by your pool. This guide details what a swimming pool storage bench is, as well as why you should get one.

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