Warm and Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Winter

Bedroom Ideas for Winter

We’ve entered the season of decorating trees, constant Christmas music, and freezing temperatures. The mercury is dropping and there is nothing better than curling up in soft cotton and thick knits. Right?

So, if you’re prepared to embrace hygge to the fullest, we’re here to help. We have come up with amazing ideas that will keep your bedroom warm and toasty this winter. Using heated mattress pads to bold-colored rugs, there are many ways to add warmth to your room.

Without any delay, let us look at key ideas to make your room cozier as well as comfy.

Bedroom Ideas for Winter

Shift Your Bed Away from The Window

Top Bedroom Ideas for Winter
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The first step is to shift your bed away from the entrance or windows if it is close by. Otherwise, if the bed is too close to the entrance or windows, it will become cold throughout the day. The bed should be placed in the center of the room or pushed away from the window area. You can also place your bed against the wall if the area is less. This way, you can prevent yourself from the frosty air that can come from the vents of windows and doors. To give extra protection, you can insert a piece of cloth and paper to fill the holes and gaps. Also, applying a clean, transparent sheet on windows is a great way to prevent indoor heat as it provides insulation.

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Layering On The Bed

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Just like you put layers of cloth on yourself in winter, putting layers of the duvet, quilt and blanket on your bed in frigid winters is indispensable. It will help to trap warmth and let you sleep comfortably even if the outside temperature is below zero. Use warm-colored duvet coverings to give your winter bedroom some flair. You’ll feel toasty warm when you get into bed at night. However, it is imperative to shop for high-quality blankets and quilts. We recommend you to shop for heavy mink blankets and quilts made with pure angora wool to avoid shivering from cold.

Put Warm Rugs On The Floor

Room Ideas for Winter
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Keeping your room’s floor bare in chilled winters is not a good idea. You may still add further layers of rugs on top if your bedroom already has a mat or carpet covering the floor.

Arrange rugs in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors on a floor that doesn’t have a wall-to-wall carpet. When you tread on them in the morning, they will feel toasty to your feet. They will help keep the bedroom warm and stop the cold from getting on the floor. To create a comfortable atmosphere, use carpets that are orange, black, red, warm, or dark brown.

Use Heated Mattress Pads

Heated Mattress Pads tips
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Backache and insomnia are two common problems that many people face during winter. If you are one of those, we have a solution — the heated mattress pad. Yes, an electric bed warmer keeps you warm without investing much. Yes, it is an inexpensive way to keep the bed cozy in chilly winters and give you a chance to hibernate like a panda. With these, you don’t have to pay heavy electricity bills. They come in various fabrics, colors, and sizes and are perfect for getting a good night’s sleep.

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Change The Color Of Your Bedroom

Color ideas for Your Bedroom
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By temporarily altering the color scheme, you may psychologically wave goodbye to the cold of winter in the bedroom.

Pick hues like warm mustard, orange, navy blue, navy blue, dusky brown, and bright red for your throws, pillow covers, blankets, bedcovers, carpets, and other decor items.

To intensify the cozy atmosphere, add other pieces of décor and lampshades in related tones. Since you may store them and utilize them the next autumn or winter, these won’t be wasted. Also, if your budget is a little high and you have enough time, you can change the color of walls as well as doors. Choose dark brown or coffee color for doors and windows in lieu of white that better suits in summer.

Change the Lighting Of Your Space

Lighting ideas for Your Space
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The white ceiling lights that illuminate your entire bedroom do not give off a cozy vibe. Instead, go for soft yellow lighting and add lamps on your bedside table, nightstand, or bedroom corners to give the space a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Also, you can use string lights around the photo frame and other decorative pieces in your bedroom to elevate the style and preserve the room’s warmth. These lights are available on online shops like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Change Curtains

Heavy curtains help make your bedroom warm and inviting in the winter. Choose thick, double curtains or other warm fabrics. Always use dark-colored drapes since they will absorb the heat and keep it inside. You can select simple curtains in a solid hue like crushed velvet, bold red, etc.

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When choosing new curtains, it’s not essential to stick with plain hues. Seasonal designs on your bedroom curtains, such as autumn foliage, Christmas bells, pumpkins, etc., may uplift your mood and make you feel cozy and comfortable.

Investing in high-quality and sturdy curtain rods that give you access to more possibilities will help you to further diversify your window decorations. For instance, some of the heavier, cozier curtains perform a far better job of retaining the heat from fleeing the room when the cold weather but might not be able to be supported by thin plastic rods.

Use Scented Candles

Adding aromatic candles on your bedroom’s mantel or window ledge is another simple method to enhance the atmosphere of the space.

Your bedroom smells amazing thanks to scents like cinnamon, orange, apple, Cashmere, and pumpkin spice. Additionally, the candlelight keeps your bedroom warm. But remember to extinguish the candles before you leave or turn in for the night.

Put Some Green Plants In Room

Any area of the room, even the area near the window or door, looks better with plants. Put a big potted plant next to the window in frosty winter. Alternately, add little pots to the corners of your bedroom to brighten and improve its appearance.

You may have a variety of winter plants in your bedroom, including aloe vera, snake plants, and money plants.

The Bottom Line

All the above tips and heated mattress pads can keep you cozy and safeguards you from the frigid cold.

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