Can You Buy And Sale Land Online

You can buy and sell land online safely even if you are not an experienced land buyer. Here’s a quick guide on how to go about it.

How to buy land online


Visit land hub to kick start your search. We provide a quick and convenient way of purchasing land anywhere you want.


Carefully consider location. Prices for parcels of land in rural or urban areas can vary significantly based on location.


Check to see if there are public or private roads leading to the property.

Utility services

  • Electricity – Is there power or will you go solar?
  • Sewer – Is there a connection to the municipal sewer?
  • Water – Is the property water supply from the municipal or off grid?
  • Internet service – Is there cellular coverage and a high speed internet connection?

Soil test and topography

Based on what you intend to do with the land, know the type of soil and elevation of the terrain.

Environmental assessment

Hire a professional to perform an environmental assessment of the land to know whether the area is prone to flooding.

Check zoning

Familiarize yourself with the local building and zoning designations. You don’t want to buy a piece of land that you can’t utilize as planned due to regulations.

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Make sure to have a surveyor identify the boundaries of the parcel.

Title search 

Get an overview of the tax records and deeds. Verify chronology of ownership and check whether the seller has the power to transfer or sell the land. 

Make an offer

If everything looks good, you can buy the parcel. Since you are not a real estate agent, contact a real estate attorney to draft the necessary contractual documents.

How to sell land online

Mark boundaries

Clearly demarcate your parcel so that the buyer has an easy time envisioning the size of the property.

Set the right price

Make sure that your asking price is in line with market rates and have a ‘land for sale’ sign.

Take professional photos

Use drones to take aerial photos of the parcel of land.

Use keywords

Enrich your text and alt images with words such as ‘land for sale’.

Have documents

Make sure you have the deed ready and that you are the rightful owner of the land.

Benefits of buying and selling land online

Cost-effective –

Since you are working directly with the seller, you can save on agent fees, and other upfront costs.

Convenient –

You can view different parcels of land in different locations, all at the comfort of your home. Filters and other built in search features can help you narrow down to a specific parcel.

Visibility –

For sellers, when you list your parcel at land hub, it’s automatically visible to millions of potential buyers across the country.

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