If You Want To Enjoy Your Fibreglass Pool Year-Around, Consider A Pool Enclosure

Won’t it be fun if you did not have to close your pool ever?

An outdoor fibreglass pool can be a wonderful asset to any home. However, unpredictable weather, animals, dust, and debris can turn your pool into an ugly mess and increase your cleaning efforts. A pool enclosure can maximise your pool time and make it usable all year round. The answer to increasing your pool enjoyment beyond the summer months through the cold winters is a pool enclosure.

There are a variety of metal and fibreglass pool enclosures that you can choose from to ensure your pool’s beauty along with increasing its utility. The most popular pool enclosures are –

Standard screen pool enclosure

2-storey enclosure

Extreme view enclosure

Custom designed enclosures

Pool enclosures may be an added investment but offer several benefits.

Enclosures reduce pool water evaporation

Evaporation from your pool can become a problem during the hot summer months. To control the rate of evaporation, you need to provide some shade to your fibreglass pool. Nothing can be better than a pool enclosure to check the rate of evaporation.

With a roof above the pool, it remains shady and the sun doesn’t heat the water as much. That keeps the water cool and prevents it from evaporating.

Keeps the pool clean

Pool enclosures prevent bugs, leaves, sticks, and other unwanted trash from falling into the pool. Even in stormy weather or while it’s raining, the enclosure prevents the water from becoming murky with debris. A covered roof above the pool also allows you and your family to use the pool during multiple seasons. Mesh enclosures also provide protection from leaves, twigs, bugs, and larger debris and keep the air flowing. The perk is, you need to put less effort into cleaning the pool and people can enjoy swimming all through the year.

Enclosures provide safety

When you have children or pets at home, a pool enclosure is a great way to boost safety. They can enjoy the outdoors in the pool and the patio, while still ensuring they stay within boundaries. At night, you can relax by the poolside without the fear of animals invading your space.

On the other hand, when you do not want children to access the pool, the enclosure will allow them to play in the yard, reducing the chances of accidental falls into the pool.

Pool enclosures limit the UV rays

A pool enclosure is not just for beauty and a boundary for safety. Whether a mesh enclosure or an enclosure with fiberglass, it allows less amount of UV rays to penetrate. Overexposure to UV rays can have several harmful effects on your health. That protects your skin, and eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Having an enclosure around your pool with a roof on top is like swimming in an indoor environment.

It is an extension of your home

A pool with an enclosure feels like an extension of your home. Your family can enjoy water activities and feel relaxed every day of the year. The pool area can be enhanced with lighting, plants, furniture, and other accessories to make it comfortable for everyone. With a cover over the pool, there are no worries about your pool accessories getting damaged in the sun, rain, or snow. That means, maximising the amenities on your property!

Pool enclosures increase privacy

Your pool is a place where you want to relax and be away from the prying eyes of neighbours. A mesh enclosure reduces the visibility of the pool from the outside, providing you with much-needed privacy. You can also use vinyl-laminated privacy screens to make the area more obscured. However, enclosing the pool with solid materials can stop the airflow and make your poolside warm. It is best to use materials that allow air to flow through while still permitting you to maintain your privacy.

Swimming pool enclosures help to save money

When you have a swimming pool enclosure, not only do your maintenance efforts and costs go down but it also helps you maintain a comfortable water temperature. In unpredictable weather or during winter, temperatures can change quickly. As your pool has a covering around it, the cooling, heating, and regulating humidity can all be managed better. Pool heaters work better when you have an enclosure that prevents heat loss from the pool. During summer, the enclosure will prevent the hot sun from heating the water quickly as compared to outdoor pools without any shade.

Enclosed swimming pools require fewer chemicals

All pool owners with outdoor pools know how important it is to maintain the water chemistry of their pool. To keep the pool in top shape during summer, additional sanitisers are required due to the strong sun. Failure to maintain water pH balance may lead to cloudy water and the growth of pathogens. More chemicals to keep pathogens under control equals more chemical irritants in the water. The requirement for these harmful chemicals can be greatly reduced by installing a pool enclosure.

Pool enclosures can enhance property value

As already discussed, similar to sunrooms, a pool enclosure is an extension of your space. Pool owners with an enclosed pool agree that having an enclosure majorly contributes to the overall property value. A well-designed perth fibreglass pool enclosure can be a neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride! Even if you do not plan to sell your property, the noticeable cover over your pool will be appreciated by the pool users and also your neighbours and passersby. Innovative pool enclosure designs come with patio covers, shutters, and awnings, to fulfil your requirements. You can beautify the pool area as you please with a convenient enclosure for protection and comfort. With a functional pool all through the year, your property value will securely get a boost.


What can be better than having all-year-round access to your swimming pool? Swimming is good for health and provides entertainment for the entire family and is a great place to host fun parties. An enclosure around your fibreglass pool can be the best answer to many swimming pool issues that pool owners face. It will help you keep bugs and animals away, protect from UV rays, will provide safety for pets and children, and will extend your pool time throughout the year. If you are looking for a solution to keep debris out, lower maintenance, and extend your swimming time, a pool enclosure can be the answer to all your problems.

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