The Ultimate Pre-Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Pre-Holiday Cleaning Checklist

The holidays are just around the corner. If you’re hosting this year, you’re going to need to get ready for guests. It’s a lot of prep work, but don’t worry. You’ll be removing pesky pet hair from the entryway carpets and cleaning those nasty spots in your kitchen in no time. Just follow our handy guide, and you’ll be well on your way to checking all the important cleaning tasks off your to-do list.

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Holiday House Cleaning Checklist

1. Cleaning by Your Entryway

The entryway to your home acts as the first impression your guests will have of your home. We don’t mean to pile out the pressure, but don’t let that worry you or get you stressed. Instead, follow these easy tips for cleaning your entryway. If you see any clutter near the door, pick it up and throw it out or stow it away. Your guests will need a space to hang their coats, and put away their shoes and other accessories like purses or car keys. Make sure you have a designated spot for all of their items. Take a look at the walls and see if you need to remove any visible scuffs or marks.

2. Cleaning High Traffic Areas

When we say high traffic areas, we mean any areas of your home that are frequented by you and anyone else at home. They’re also the common areas that will be used for your holiday party. These rooms should be cleaned thoroughly since they’ll be on full display. If you have pets at home, you’ll want to make sure you use a pet hair remover brush to remove any excess pet hair from carpets and furniture in places like your stairs and your living room.

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3. Cleaning Your Kitchen

Every great party is one with great food. If you imagine that a good chunk of your holiday party will involve being in or around the kitchen, make sure your kitchen is neat and tidy for guests to enjoy. Focus on the biggest problem areas. That means decluttering and wiping down your kitchen countertops. Make sure to vacuum, sweep and mop your kitchen tile. If there are still dirty dishes in the sink, clean those as well before the guests arrive.

4. Cleaning Your Guest Bedroom

If you’ve invited any of your guests to stay over, you’ll want to make sure the guest bedroom is neat and tidy. Make sure everything is in working order, such as the lights and outlets in the room. Write down the WiFi password for your guests. If they are using your closet or dresser, make sure you make room for them.

5. Cleaning the Bathroom

You don’t necessarily need to clean the bathroom upstairs in your master bedroom. You should freshen up the bathroom your guests are most likely to use, like the downstairs powder room or a guest bathroom. If you have visitors staying the night, prepare extra towels and toiletries for them. General bathroom cleaning you should take care of includes cleaning the mirrors to remove streaks and water spots, wiping down the sink and countertops and sweeping and mopping the bathroom floor.

6. Quick Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Looking for some quick cleaning tips you can use when you’re short on time? Use a multipurpose cleaner as a quick cleaning tool. Dust cloths are also great options for dusting anything from TV screens to tabletops and other knickknacks around your home. If you have a minute or two, use a handy tool like the Uproot Cleaner Pro™. Not only can this pet hair remover tool get rid of pet hair from carpets, rugs, clothes and more, but you can also use it to actually brush your pet’s hair.

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7. What to Clean One Week Before the Party

One week before the party, you’ll want to look at all the different rooms in your home where guests will be entering through, exiting from, and hanging out in. If you have hardwood floors, sweep or mop your floors. If you have carpet in your living room and dining room or any other common areas, use a dog hair remover brush to remove any pet hair on rugs, carpets and furniture. You can also clean appliances in your kitchen, such as the stove and dishwasher.

8. Final Touches Right Before the Party

According to Good Housekeeping, even if a home looks clean, you also want to make sure your home smells clean. If you smell it, your guests will smell it. Worse — You might not even be able to smell it because you’ve gone nose blind to certain scents at home. If you are cooking dinner for your holiday party and don’t want your house to smell like garlic, spray some air freshener or use a plug-in air freshener to help keep your home smelling nice through the holiday season.

When cleaning, it is important to use safe methods and pay extra attention to often forgotten areas. For some damages you might be causing to your home, please see the following.

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