Finding Great Window Repair During a Seattle, WA Home Sale

Finding Great Window Repair During a Seattle

There are many small items to check off in one’s to-do list when preparing a Seattle, WA home for sale. While many DIY projects can bring up the value of your home, one area that many people seek a professional is window repair. Contractors know a lot more about the delicate business of creating excellent windows and repairing them. Finding the right contractors and making the decision about how much to repair before a home sale can be tricky. Here’s a good process to follow to achieve your goals.

Identify issues yourself and decide what is most urgent

Doing a quick audit of cracks, breaks, missing weatherstripping, and sticky joints in your windows is a good way to start the process. Even an untrained eye can see some kinds of window repair needs, and your buyers are more likely to share your average-person’s eye for window detail rather than being window specialists themselves. Start a priority list of what you think most needs repairing, versus what would simply be a nice item to mention to your buyers.

Work with your networks to get recommendations

Whether you look online for sites like HomeAdvisor to get reviews, or ask your literal neighbors, you want some positive feedback to help you narrow down local window contractors. When someone has had a good experience with a company you found online, that gives you a bit of grounding to know that this is a company that follows through on their word. If you are part of social media groups that are localized to your area, you may also be able to see if anyone has complained about a given window contractor or given them a rave review.

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Use licensed vendors to get evaluations and bids

As you proceed to having vendors come to your home and evaluate your windows to create bids, make sure you opt for those who are following any licensure guidelines in your state. Unlicensed vendors can sometimes have uneven levels of knowledge about windows, and licensure exams exist to give you a guaranteed minimum level of knowledge. Start noticing how your vendors evaluate the home: are they helping you minimize cost and maximize value for a home sale, or are they tring to upsell you to window replacements or other more expensive options? Use the information from the three vendor bid experiences to make a decision about your best option.

Pause and consider with your agent whether to repair or sell as-is

Your agent will want to also weigh in on whether to repair at all. Once you have a solid bid, you may decide the cost is low enough to go ahead and repair as part of your listing preparations. This allows you to skip disclosures of broken or damaged windows, making your home appear more attractive. On the other hand, larger projects, especially those that don’t jeopardize FHA loan options, may be better handled by the future buyer in the way he or she sees fit. If your agent recommends selling as-is, you can decide down the road when a buyer makes an offer whether or not to do the repairs. If you do opt for the repairs after you’re under contract, make sure you use a vendor with a reputation for quick work, so that you can get everything wrapped up before closing.

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