5 DIY Ideas to Decor Home for Small Party

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Want you celebrate a small surprise party at your home? Wow it’s your kiddo’s birthday celebration she is going to complete 10 years of life then it is about to have an amazing party. Now you are wondering how to keep this surprise party for your loving daughter with the decoration of your home. If you are excited about this surprising party then you can make her day very special with DIY decoration, this is a successful solution to bring an unexpected smile to her face.

She can’t imagine this birthday would be unforgettable for her because you are going to presenting something special celebration for your princess. DIY is a cool money-saving decoration idea that increases the beauty of your hall surrounding by some paper, sheets, lights, colors, sparkle, and balloon designing things. 

DIY Décor Idea Rises Party Entertainment At Home:

This is the right time to show your talent by the DIY decor things if you are brilliant in hand-made decoration items for parties. As a good mother, you can bring happiness to your princess’s birthday party with a good gathering by applying these amazing DIY decoration ideas.

  1. Make Cupcake Liner for a Wall: cupcake liner is completed by the colorful sheet or free pattern paper fan printable papers in different shades draw the candles like its burning & prepare with the name of the birthday girl to hang it behind on the wall.
  • Go to the market and bring cupcakes.
  • Use the alternate colors of cupcakes to put together.
  • Now prepare cupcake garland to hang on the front wall of the party hall.
  • Now draw candles on the sheet, start to cut it, now stick on cupcakes to feel originality.
  • Apart from this, stick some cupcakes on the wall to fill it with the pom or woolen pieces with the help of glue.
  1. Paste Paper Rosettes on Choice: paper rosettes are the running things of decoration and 10 years of girls, utmost love, and this paper because it is used for many purposes. To make her birthday party ideal paste these colored rosette paper looks cute after pasting on the wall in the shape of flowers and write some quotes for your birthday girl.
  • Prepare this décor idea by one paper as per the size of your choice.
  • Draw strips in inches to fold easily.
  • Fold it to take the strips size in the accordion style and repeat the same for another side of accordion. 
  • Now use the glue to tick together and it will look like a winch.
  • Stick some pom pom & spread sparkle over the winch by the help of glue to give beautiful touch and paste the entire winch over the walls in different ways.
  • You may also wrap gift from this paper offer the return gift of her friends, your daughter will loving it. 
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Decor Home
  1. Hang The Colorful Zig Zag Streamers: zig-zag streamers are a cool and pocket-friendly DIY decoration thing and all mothers can easily craft this streamer into various colors. Your birthday angel will enjoy rather than grand party with this easy & quick hang Zig Zag streamer when she wakes up and sees those hang into the party hall.
  • Take any colored paper, start to make cuts in wide sizes.
  • 2nd, turn the paper and make a cut through two.   
  • Now open it slowly, you would have an accordion streamer to make the party rocks.
  • Finally hang those streamers over the sofa and it also hides old curtains behind to give a new look to the party space.
  1. Handmade Cake Banner Decoration:  if you have a nice cake for your loving daughter but do not have a banner to message her. No worry you will surely bring a beautiful cake with a marvelous topper on your birthday message with her name.
  • Pick a set of two straws and insert them into both sides of the cake.
  • Make a beautiful wish card with the help of scissors & cut it into a balloon shape, triangle shape, and many more with colorful paper.
  • Attach both sides on the corner of the straw & see it’s moving.
  1. Flying Balloon with Wishing Tag:  your ten years of an angel is waiting for the surprise. It will turn into a more entertaining day because kids enjoy with the balloons and now stick sparkles by glue or tag wish cards on balloon in small size and leave in air for a best noisy birthday party.
  • Put the same color of balloon.
  • Spread lots of sparkle with the help of glue & wait for dry.
  • Or you can tag wish cards on the balloon with a photograph of the birthday girl.
  • Now leave them into the air with ribbon.
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Be the Small Party Organizer:

Those are the DIY décor idea which makes you more talented and supportive to connect with your children. DIY decoration things are easy to design at a pocket-friendly price and everyone can organize a small party at home by using different waste materials to add some extra enjoyment to the party. 

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