Glass Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms: Pros and Cons

Glass Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Glass showers add luxury and aesthetics to the overall look of your bathroom. It also adds to the functionality of your bathroom space. The good point is that you do not need a large space to get these ideas to work. A glass shower can be added in a small bathroom as well.

A small area of a bathroom is like a challenge for the owner. It is obviously difficult to make the small space functional and look beautiful at the same time. However, it is not impossible. You can utilize your small bathroom space in many ways. The glass shower is one of the most popular options for saving space and adding a classic look to your bathroom.

A high-quality glass shower can last for up to 20 or 30 years, depending on the care and maintenance practices. However, there are many reasons that affect the generally expected lifespan of a glass shower. Glass showers are also easy to clean and they do not wear out with time like shower curtains. Glass showers also help to reduce the number of water splashes on your bathroom floor while you are taking shower. This helps to reduce the cleaning time and makes cleaning easier.

Glass Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Glass shower doors are durable and long-lasting if they are installed and made correctly. They are also easier to clean as compared to other hardware doors. The presence of these doors in your bathroom makes it easier for you to clean the entire bathroom because they help to prevent the mess created while anyone is taking shower. Therefore, we have collected some shower glass ideas for your small bathroom so that you can have the luxury and usefulness of space at the same time.

Compact Corner Space

A corner selection for a glass shower is the most popular option that people use for their small bathrooms. They are not only packed together and realistic but they also give you plenty of space for other bathroom fixtures. If you think that the shower space will be smaller in this type of corner shower, then you can use a neo-angled shower. It will provide you extra width when taking shower. This will also help you to be safe from any hanging corners while you take shower.

Top Glass Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Pros and Cons of Compact Corner Glass Shower


  • Gives you plenty of space for other fixtures.
  • They are compact and practical.


  • Protruding Corners can pose a danger of accidents.
  • You might feel that the showering space has gotten smaller.

No Tub Glass Shower

Another option you can consider for a glass shower but a small bathroom is to have no tub inside the shower area. This will obviously give you more space and freedom in the shower area. The space for the tub will be used for the extension of the shower area. This will give a more luxurious look to your shower area and of course, it will be more convenient because of the extra space.

Best Glass Shower Ideas

Pros and Cons of No Tub Glass Shower


  • It is more spacious.
  • It gives you more freedom while showering.


  • You will have to miss the great experience of bathing and soaking in the tub.

Use Alcoves and Eaves to Build the Glass Shower

Small bathrooms have very strange dimensions sometimes that are difficult to change and utilize in an advantageous way. However, you can use these alcoves and eaves in your small bathroom to build a glass shower. This will give you natural partitions of the side walls. Roof windows will be above the shower and help to have a brighter light in the shower area which in turn will open up the space.

Glass Shower Tips for Small Bathrooms

Pros and Cons of Alcoves and Eaves


  • Utilization of the corners that will otherwise be useless.
  • More light from the roof windows to brighten up the space.


  • Sometimes these alcoves and eaves have very awkward directions and the glass shower area does not fit in properly.

Use Colors in your Glass Shower

It is advised that you should use simple colors for your small bathroom and small shower area in order to give a clean and clear look. Adding junk colors will give a dense look that will give a feel of a congested space instead of an open one. For example, using white color as the base will help it look airy and open. After that, you can use a few bold colors in some areas for adding a creativity factor.

Glass Shower Ideas Blog

Pros and Cons of Using Colors


  • Adding the right colors will help to open up the space.
  • Right colors make the space look bigger.


  • Bold Colors used in the wrong way will make the overall look congested
  • Too much dark colors will ruin the aesthetics of your bathroom and shower area.

Tile Patterns for your Glass Shower

Laying out the tiles in a special way will help in tricking the eyes and the small bathroom or glass shower area will look bigger and more spacious. For example, if you lay out the metro tile in a vertical pattern, it will give an elongated look to the walls. It will help to make the look of everything bigger. You can use large tiles for small bathrooms as well. They will give a minimalist look with less grout and a more classic finish.

Glass Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Pros and Cons of Special Tile Patterns


  • Laying out of the tiles is important to enhance the overall look of your shower area and your small bathroom.
  • Larger dimension tiles will also help to give a classic bigger look and finish to the overall glass shower area.


  • Sometimes using the larger tiles gives a small and compact impact.
  • Laying out the tiles in a different manner does not always give you the expected results.

Choose your Bathroom Fixtures Wisely

When you have a small bathroom, you should choose the bathroom furniture and fixtures very carefully. Sometimes the more attractive bathroom fixtures overwhelm the overall bathroom space and eat up the look of your entire bathroom and glass shower area. Therefore, a small glass shower area should have minimalist fixtures to give an enhanced look to the glass shower area. For example, you can use compact vanities and built-in storage units to complement the overall look.

Bathroom Fixtures Wisely

Pros and Cons of having Minimalist Bathroom Fixtures


  • The minimalist fixtures will be less costly.
  • They will not steal the spotlight from your glass shower area.


  • These fixtures sometimes are of bad quality and do not last long.
  • They do not turn out to be as expected.
  • They have fewer usability features and functionality.


We understand that having a small bathroom and incorporating a glass shower in it is a very challenging task. The efficient choice of the plumber can be a key to do the finish work on the installed shower doors. However, we hope that the above-mentioned ideas will help you to complete this challenge in a better and more beneficial way.

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