Benefits of Hiring 40 Hour Hazwoper Laborers

Benefits of Hiring 40 Hour Hazwoper Laborers

Hazwoper stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. Hazwoper guidelines by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulate operations concerning hazardous wastes in the United States. These guidelines apply to five groups of employers and their employees.

The Hazwoper guidelines require the laborers to undergo safety training courses. The safety training courses are divided into four categories; 40-Hour, 24-Hour, 8-Hour Refresher, and 8-Hour Supervisor Training. If you are looking to employ Hazwoper laborers, there are the benefits of hiring 40 hour Hazwoper laborers;

Safety in the Workplace

As an employer, you need to create a safe environment for your workers, but your employees also need to ensure they stay safe while carrying out their duties.

40 hour Hazwoper laborers undergo safety and health training by learning various workplace safety and health topics. The laborers will have enough safety knowledge to ensure they stay safe while working with hazardous materials.

Compliance with OSHA Regulations

The Hazwoper guidelines and regulations require workers to undergo training for certain periods before they are allowed to handle hazardous materials. 40 hour Hazwoper laborers undergo training to ensure they learn all safety rules regarding their job position. You can also avoid paying fines and penalties when you hire 40 hour Hazwoper laborers.

Save Costs

When a worker gets injured in the workplace, the employer is usually responsible financially. Employers are required to have insurance that covers all their workers. When you hire 40 hour Hazwoper laborers, they know how to avoid injuries; hence your insurance premiums will reduce because of low or no workplace injuries.

Continuous Learning

The 40 hour Hazwoper training is divided into several modules that a worker can learn at their own pace. Workers who take the 40 hour Hazwoper online training can switch from one device to another and continue their lessons from where they left.

40 hour Hazwoper laborers can also take an 8-hour refresher course to learn some of the things they might have forgotten.

Learn How to Handle Hazardous Materials

If your workplace has several hazardous materials or waste, you will need workers to clean up the sites regularly. Any worker that will be given the task of cleaning up the hazardous materials has to complete a 40 hour Hazwoper training course.

When you hire 40 hour Hazwoper laborers, you will get workers who know how to clean up hazardous waste. 

Wrap Up

Training is very important for workers handling hazardous materials in the workplace. Workers must complete certain training hours according to OSHA’s Hazwoper guidelines. Ensure your workers have undergone the necessary Hazwoper training to avoid fines and penalties.

Author bio- Building off over 3 decades of experience from working with his father Jim Mayfield (Mayfield Enterprises, Inc.), James mastered the industry in Foremanship for over 15 years on HAZMAT and Superfund Sites throughout Southern California. Among many other partners, we has worked with Project Navigator, RE Solutions, Crew Grading Inc., WSP, SCS Engineers, TRC Corporation, GeoSyntec, NV5 Environmental, Entact Corp, Waste by Rail, Michael Baker, ERRG, O&M Corp, Largo Concrete, B&D Construction, Xebec, WorkSmart, JLL Enterprises, Mayfield Enterprises, Inc., Arcadis, and more. In addition to being a Stanford-educated Professor with over 30 publications and books in several languages (see Academic Resume), James’ real passion lies in Construction-related Project Management, Environmental Cleanups, HAZMAT, Excavation, and Field Labor. We are also Minority-Owned. James Mayfield is a Native American citizen of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas & Nebraska.

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