Sustainable Home Features: How To Get Green


Sustainability is a word we are starting to hear everywhere for good reason. Making greener choices that will impact the plant in more positive ways should be the ultimate goal for everyone. In terms of how people are trying to make a difference, some people choose to ride bikes to reduce car emissions, some people choose to abstain from purchasing fast fashion, and some have found clever ways to introduce sustainability into their homes. There is no better place to start getting green than in your home, as you are not only helping the planet, but you are teaching family and visitors who enter your home that becoming eco-friendly does not have to be dull. You can have the most beautiful eco-house that everyone will admire, and the tips and tricks we will share today can help you do just that!

Quality Over Quantity

When designing a home, many people make the mistake of overcrowding the space with a multitude of decor and furniture. Whilst doing so, they tend to find bargain furniture that has been mass-produced and put on sale for thousands of people to purchase, which further funds the damaging mass production. One way you can be more eco-conscious and avoid fueling these multi-million-pound companies that are profiting off the damage they are causing is to avoid buying too much furniture. A few, higher-quality pieces will be more valuable in the long term in comparison to low-cost pieces that need to frequently be replaced.

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Upcycle Before You Replace

If you currently have furniture pieces that you are hoping to get rid of due to them being outdated, or faulty or you are just looking for something fresh, consider upcycling them before replacing them together. Upcycling is essentially giving your furniture a new lease of life, for example, you may apply a fresh coat of paint to your wooden furniture and completely change the appearance of the items. Of course, for items such as sofas, it might seem more difficult, but you might consider simply replacing the cushion covers with luxury cushion covers to elevate the look of the couch. There are many ways you can breathe more life into your furniture, and the most sustainable option is always the option you already have!

Sell Your Furniture Items

If you do have your eyes set on something new, the best thing you could do in this instance gives your furniture to a new loving home. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this is no exception for furniture. Many thrifty people can make use of anyone’s furniture, so whether you try to sell it on a marketplace for a little extra cash, or you donate the items to a charity shop, try not to leave it to rot in a landfill somewhere.

Buy Pre-Loved Items

Following up on selling on the marketplace, whilst you are there it would be a great idea to try to find some valuable pre-loved home items for your own home! As we said quality over quantity, there are some great treasures to find second-hand online, in charity shops, and especially in vintage shops. Vintage furniture has some of the most timeless, contemporary styles to find, so do some digging and don’t give up until you find at least one thing you love. You might fall in love with thrifting furniture and have a whole preloved haven in your home.

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Kitchen Items

In terms of what sustainable items could be integrated into your kitchen, there are a couple of things to consider. Of course, plastic causes a massive environmental risk, and our kitchens might just be one of the most plastic-filled rooms in the house! Think of all the cutlery, food packaging, and other items that are made with plastic. One way you might start to integrate no plastic into your home is to firstly swap plastic straws for metal, reusable straws. Plastic straws have a very small but significant impact on our planet, and purchasing metal ones will not only save the planet, but it will save you money in the long term. Additionally, introducing mason jars to store all of your dry foods is also an effective way to keep your home sustainable. There are many food stores and supermarkets that facilitate refilling stations for confectionery like cereal, therefore bringing your mason jars into the home is a great way to keep things green.

Refillable Cleaning Supplies

Purchasing refillable cleaning supplies is the ideal eco-friendly alternative for your home. Many brands have now introduced new product ranges that offer a multi-use bottle with the option to buy new, fillable liquids that are packaged in biodegradable coverings to maintain as much sustainability as possible. Doing this is a great way to keep your home environmentally friendly whilst reducing your throw-away waste.


Another sustainable tip you can start to implement today is to start growing your plants in your home. Plants are known to eliminate air pollutants, not to mention their ability to boost mood and reduce stress in an environment. Aside from this, plants come in many different shapes, colours, and sizes and can be the perfect focal point of any desired room. Perhaps you might even go one step further and start growing your vegetables in your garden. Did you know you can start growing your fruit and veg from the seeds that come from supermarket veg? There has never been a better time to try and start your greenhouse, as it is an investment into the planet’s future and your own.

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Compost Bins

A valuable addition to a greenhouse would be to also get a compost bin. A compost bin is a must for any greenhouse due to its ability to produce nutrient-rich soil, and prevent any waste from otherwise being dumped on a methane-producing landfill site. Compost will overall help your garden to flourish, and if you are looking to become sustainable in all areas a compost bin is the perfect accessory for your garden space.

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Amy Jones is a freelance writer specialising in eco-friendly living, with a love for finding vintage items such as luxury cushion covers. In her spare time, she loves to find environmentally friendly swaps in day to day life to do her bit to help the planet.

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