Top Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Space With Used Bourbon Barrels

Decorate Your Outdoor Space

If you love the look of antique barrel decor, you may want to consider decorating your outdoor space with them. Used bourbon barrels make for an elegant accent piece and can even be used as planters. Listed below are a few home decoration ideas that will make your outdoor space unique and beautiful.

Tables made of used bourbon barrels

You can create a unique table made from a bourbon barrel for your outdoor space. First, you’ll need a 3/4-inch piece of plywood. This piece should be round, and you should cut it to fit the top diameter of the barrel. Next, you’ll need wood glue to adhere the tabletop to the barrel. Make sure to leave three to four inches of overhang on either side of the tabletop. Then, you can apply a stain to the wood. This bourbon barrel home decor project can take a couple of hours.

Bourbon barrel furniture is not only unique but also environmentally friendly. Reclaimed barrels are an excellent choice for your outdoor space if you love the rustic decor. You can even find tables made of bourbon barrel wood that are the perfect height for your outdoor space. While this type of table will be ideal for use outdoors, you can also use it indoors. You can also customize its height to meet your needs so that you can use it as a dining table or bar.

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Rocking chairs made of used bourbon barrels

If you want to decorate your home with barrels, consider buying rocking chairs made of bourbon barrel staves. These chairs are crafted with smooth curves that complement any body type and are excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

Bourbon barrels are made from oak, which makes them strong yet rustic. They can also be made into other items, such as bourbon barrel furniture, candle holders, and trash cans. Consider investing in barrel rocking chairs if you want to decorate your outdoor space with rustic pieces. You can even make your own using a YouTube tutorial.

Herb gardens made of used bourbon barrels

An elegant way to enhance an outdoor space with barrel decor ideas is by creating a unique herb garden in a whiskey barrel. The planters are 24 to 28 inches in diameter and can contain one or several herb varieties. The plants can be grown in a single barrel or several barrels side by side. However, it is important to remember that these planters are made of wood and will quickly rot if exposed to wet soil. So, consider purchasing a liner made of black plastic.

One of the most incredible benefits of creating an herb garden in a wood barrel is that it is portable and easy to move. In addition, the plants can be grown with plenty of space. You can even grow crops that need deep roots. Another benefit of a wine barrel garden is its acidic soil, which is perfect for growing potatoes, blueberries, and other acid-loving plants.

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Planting flowers in used bourbon barrels

If you have a large outdoor area and want to decorate your home with barrels for a unique and rustic look, you can use a bourbon barrel as a planter. Rather than using garden soil, use potting soil, and remember to leave some space between the dirt and the barrel lip. For a small outdoor space, consider using creeping ground covers. You can use one sizeable flowering perennial in the center and smaller perennials around the edges. Plant the perennials at a depth that allows the base of the stalk to touch the soil line.

If you use this barrel decor as a porch planter, consider using a flowering perennial. You can add daffodils, begonias, and inpatients to create a colorful display. In addition, you can plant sweet potato vine, ivy, or phlox to create a cascading effect. You can also use a whiskey barrel to grow herbs and vegetables if you don’t want flowers.

Creating a backyard pond in a wood barrel

If you have ever dreamed of having a water garden in your backyard, creating a backyard pond from used bourbon barrels may be the perfect solution. Wine and whiskey barrels are left over from the brewing industry. Their aged wood gives them a unique look and feel. Additionally, they are perfectly watertight. You can even choose to DIY your pond by placing plants on raised platforms made from old bricks or stones to give you a sense of interest and scale.

Water plants will make your pond come to life, and they will be perfect for adding color and texture to your backyard. Water lilies are a popular choice for the backyard, as they will grow over time. You can also add a solar fountain to your bourbon barrel home decor, which will provide a constant energy source without adding to your electrical bill.

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