How to Make Your Home’s Exterior More Family Friendly

How to Make Your Home’s Exterior More Family Friendly

A fully furnished apartment may seem a great deal by just considering the home’s interior. But what if you added something new to your home’s exterior? Something that leaves the onlooker speechless. An exterior that is family-friendly, conducive, and fun to be in. A beautiful compound has a direct relationship with the homeowner’s personality. So, this might be a great chance to put up something that takes after you.

Here are some of the great ways to make the outside of your home unique and fun. Take a look.

Change the Door

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A door of a different design and style can be a game changer to your home’s exterior. You can opt for a door that incorporates panes of glasses. The glass lightens the heavy masquerade. In addition, you can consider painting your door. Choosing bright color paints is a way of drawing attention and making your home welcoming. Choose a brighter color or the best design for your home because the front always creates the first impression of your entire house.

Choose the Right Roof

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Roofs are always the forgotten parts of the house when they are in good shape. Unless it starts to leak you may not notice what is going on up there. Conversely, a roof that is in bad shape is easier to notice. So, choosing the right kind of roof makes your home look wonderful and fun to keep on looking at over and over again making you question whether you are the rightful owner of that property.

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You can consult an expert painter or a designer to help you choose the hue and material that will best satisfy your roofing needs. Don’t forget about the color and style.

Hang Window Boxes with a Seamless Look

It is without any doubt or question that window boxes are charming. Forget about the old window boxes, instead, take your time and look for the ones that best match the design and style of your house. Your home’s exterior will look amazing, thanks to seamless window boxes. They also have the added advantage of resembling the architectural features of your home.

Consider Planting an Arbor

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Are you in need of something for your gate that is on a whole new level? Try arbor. This plant covers the gate in a very pleasant manner. It is more charming when blended (planted with) climbing roses. To add beauty where beauty exists, you can add lighting to the plants for some eye-catching magical effects.

Hang a Lantern

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Wow! Lanterns are a greater way of bringing definition and depth to a flat exterior with the right sort of light fixture. For a farmhouse, traditional gas lanterns are just the perfect match for you. Moreover, you can try nautical-style lanterns to bring life to your cottage house in case you have one.

Add a Gate

Gates and doors are the representations of the entire house. Having a well and nicely done gate that coincides with your home’s design is surely a way to go.

Change your Garage Door

Guess you want to be embarrassed in front of your friends by the appearance of your garage doors. To avoid being embarrassed, you can opt for a garage door that matches that of your main entrance. This will make a difference in your home’s exterior.

Add a Dormer Window

This plan might be costly but don’t forget you want the best appearance for your home’s exterior. These windows are appealing because they can add natural light to the interior.

After understanding the various ways of making the outside of your home unique and fun, you might be wondering whether that’s all. What about your front? Is it good to go or do you still need to make some adjustments?

Here are some ideas for the front yard

Plant Shade Trees

You probably don’t want to miss this opportunity to bring beauty and life to your home’s exterior. Among the various shade trees, you can opt for are those native hardwoods with brilliant fall colors to add magic to your upfront.

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Build a Flower Bed Around Trees

It is not surprising that most homes have trees surrounding them. But is there something intriguing? Something attractive? Something magical? You can add flavor to your upfront by building flower beds around these trees. Your front yard is bound to look beautiful.

Plant Perennial Shrubs

Hydrangeas are among the options of perennial shrubs that seem the perfect match for your upfront. In addition to giving color, they bloom giving your home a fancy look. The beauty is that the prices are also affordable. So, you have what it takes and no excuse to make your home a palace. The shrubs are also easy to maintain.

Add Lighting

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Solar-powered lighting can be considered because they are easy to install. You have all the rights and freedom to make a selection that best fit your lighting needs. Consider choosing lighting that matches your flowers and makes them bloom more.

Improve your Grass

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If you have loose soil, your upfront is likely to be exposed to the harsh agents of erosion. Planting grass can be a solution. To begin with, grass binds the soil particles together. In addition, the soil becomes more aerated.

Using an aerated machine also adds value to your grass. An aerated machine has proved to increase and improve the penetration of nutrients into the soil thus making the lawn look healthier and fresh.

Your backyard should always mimic your living room or what’s happening inside your home. For this reason, it should be more fun, casual, and have an appealing (colorful) nature. The only sure way to achieve this life experience is none other than working hand-in-hand with a professional designer (landscape designer). This personnel will guide you through the process of determining the best color, plants, and materials, and creating activity zones.

Here are some backyard ideas that can help you transform it into a fun place.

Grab a Greenhouse

Installing a greenhouse signifies your ability and love for planting some of your favorite flora or flowers. The beauty of greenhouses is that they are always active during all seasons. Another factor that makes a greenhouse a choice for your backyard is the fact that it is pest-free; so won’t have to worry about pests interfering with your crops.

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Design a Dining Area

This is a place where you can share meals with your beloved family, and friends, as well as with pets. When designing a dining area, the number of seats should come into place first. You can furnish it with the furniture of your taste.

Plant Around your Fence

Plants such as climbing roses can play a role in such an instance. You can plant different plants with different colors to blend your backyard and make it look more lively.

Put up an Outdoor Kitchen

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Talking of enjoying the summer outdoors; enjoy the fun activities such as cooking on the grill with friends, family, and your pets. This is a place to make stories and laugh. Share memorable moments with your loved ones.

Try Different Floor Designs

If you have a spacious backyard, you can divide it into several portions with different designs. For instance, you can use smaller rocks resembling rugs in the dining area and decorate some rocks, and put them around your firepit area.

Upgrading your front and backyards have benefits that come with it. Here are some benefits of a healthy yard.

Boost Physical and Mental Health

Listening to soothing music or walking down your yard for a couple of minutes can alter your mood. It is also surprising that the soil has been found to contain a stress-busting microbe. This microbe has been found to regulate the human immune system thereby improving mental and physical health.

Increase Property Value

In the current world, potential home buyers need homes with well-maintained yards. If you are looking forward to selling your property in the future, you can have an upfront and backyard well-cared for.

You can Create a Wildlife Habitat

Why spend your money visiting the Zoo if you can turn your yard into one? By planting flowering plants, you are welcoming pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Having cool shades and rotting logs in your yard attracts other animals like salamanders, frogs, and snails.

Give Greater Water Efficiency

Adding landscape to your yard helps in combating the problem of water waste. The landscape will create an environment that requires less moisture. You won’t have to use gallons of water to attend to your plants.

Give you more privacy

Having a stone wall or a fence covered in plants makes it impossible for other people to know what’s going on in there unless you welcome them.

Bottom Line

Making your yards a conducive place may be costly but worth it. You will not only create a safe place for your family but you’ll also be safeguarding what’s in there. Don’t let this opportunity pass you. A well-maintained yard attracts potential buyers who in turn spend so much of their money purchasing your property. This is an investment in itself. Take your yard to a whole new level.

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for AKRS

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